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Listening to the Wisdom of Whispering Water

Posted in Environment, Health, Paranormal, Remote Viewing by farmerjaneusa on May 8, 2011

If this is what written words and music can do to the form of ice crystals, what do our own words and choice of stimuli do to our bodies and minds?

As a remote viewer I have to ask: how am I affected by my assignment choices? Part of our brains resonate with what we perceive.  If a simple word on a jar can change the appearance of water,  I’m all the more inclined to cautiously choose what I allow myself to focus on during a session.

Will the vast majority of Earth’s population ever  listen to the wisdom whispered by the water?

Remote Viewing Strategy: Unavoidable Distractions

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One aspect of remote viewing is developing good habits such as consistently eliminating current distractions and foreseeing possible distractions during session. But what about when there isn’t any practical way to rid yourself of environmental distractions?

What would you do?

I began my training very close to this bell. I timed my practice sessions to just after midnight and just after noon if at all possible.

I am trained in the methods available on the Project Jedi Remote Viewing Training 4 DVD Set available at ProjectJeDi.net

Sneak Peak! Project JeDi Remote Viewing DVDs Chapter 7

Posted in Paranormal, Remote Viewing, Survival by farmerjaneusa on January 5, 2011

As promised, here is the first sample video from the Remote Viewing DVD set.

More to come soon.

Perception based remote viewing, being more intense than automatic RV forms,

requires a cool down period.

This sample video covers the “cool down” designed to help prepare you for a session.

Visit ProjectJeDi.net to watch the video and learn more about remote viewing.


How to Remote Influence

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Article by – Genny
Keep this uppermost in your mind: we have free will.
Nevertheless, we are constantly being barraged by other peoples’ influences. We seek the opinions of family and friends, we are subjected to myriads of advertisements every day, and we consciously evaluate the language and actions of other people for the meaning of their intents and purposes, thus we are influenced by them. These are, for the most part, conscious influences, and a great deal of our mental, physical and emotional energy is spent in dealing with these influences every day.
Most of our daily lives is comprised of the previous decisions we have made in response to those influences. For example, do you go out the door in the morning without having brushed your teeth or showered? Probably not, because we have been influenced by society that we must take care of personal hygiene before presenting ourselves to the public. In order to deal effectively with people, therefore, we have made a decision to comply with that societal norm because the consequences of not doing so are usually undesirable.
We have made a lot of conscious decisions, using our free will, to these conscious influences. I myself made a conscious decision to ignore advertising long ago. I buy products and services based on other rationales than “brand name”. Nevertheless, those other rationales, whatever they be, are still influences! Price and reputation are definitely influences. Even location is an influence — I will buy this here because I don’t have the time to drive any further looking for a better bargain. Nevertheless, these are influences that we have CHOSEN to affect us.
Remote influencing is similar in that one transmits unconscious ideas that may influence someone else! You may or may not decide to act on impressions from a remote influencer in the same way you may or may not respond to the unconscious ideas presented from advertisements.
From ancient “seers” of old working for kings to influence peoples and nations, to a student visualizing the answer to that tough test question in front of him, we as humans have always used the power of our thoughts to try to get information for our benefit. The miracle is that the Matrix of all information behind all things in the universe tends to respond! But it is in the nature of the Matrix to respond… 

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/thewarriormonk/blog#ixzz0zlkb1kqv


How to Find Out Anything – No Special “Gifts” Needed to Learn

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What is remote viewing:

Remote viewing is the ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target only using the natural function of the mind. It is a science which was developed and  used in the US military & national security programs for intelligence gathering. Primary use for remote viewing in the early days of development was strictly military and espionage use. Common tasks were locating hostages, submarines, troop movement and terrorist operation headquarters

Remote viewing is also sometimes referred to as structured clairvoyance, trained extra-sensory perception  (ESP) or sensing remote locations with the mind.

If you saw the movie called “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, you may remember that remote viewing was the primary talent of Lyn Cassady. Remote viewing is a fascinating subject, full of mysteries, so it’s no wonder Hollywood takes creative license on the topic. The actual process and training is of course much more complex than portrayed in the movies.

The real story:

The fact of the matter is, we have an abundance of proof the programs worked. Every year, for over 20 years, the remote viewing programs had to justify their continued existence to Congress. The programs had to provide evidence of their valued intelligence gathering capabilities before they could receive their funding for the next year.

Protocols and methods improved remote viewing to the point that it could no longer hide from the public eyes.  Since the secrets could no longer be contained, the remote viewing programs were shut down to avoid scrutiny

A few years later we have lots of government documentation showing the program went back into active duty under other project names.


Through research, remote viewing has advanced in leaps and bounds since its early conception. It was discovered that we all have sensory circuits that mimic or help us interpret data from a remote target. If I were to describe a hot apple pie, with steam rising off it, you will probably remember what an apple pie is like. As you read this, memories may bring to mind the smell of hot cinnimon and tangy apples. This is your mind projecting the sensory data to your awareness. Just as you can see and smell and taste an apple pie that does not exist, just by remembering it, you can also remote view in a similar fashion.

Using the perception method of remote viewing, you can learn to virtually see, hear, smell, taste and feel something miles away using only your current God-given sensory system, attention management, pen and paper. If you have had rigorous remote viewing training previously, this will be an easy transition into advanced training.

Remote Viewing Today:

Today Remote viewing  is a thriving industry no longer limited to just the military. Remote viewing is available to the public sector and is used in every area of life imaginable. From locating your missing wallet to tracking down lost children, private corporations and individuals are hiring remote viewers to accomplish the unimaginable.  Now you can learn this new skill too. Go to ProjectJeDi.net to find out how just about anyone, from any walk of life, can develop this amazing tool to find out anything.

What is Perception Based Remote Viewing and What Does it Take to Become a Remote Viewer?

Posted in Paranormal, Remote Viewing, Science by farmerjaneusa on August 1, 2010

Perception based Remote Viewing is using perception as it pertains to specific sensory functions and “wetware” within the brain to obtain data, bypassing our usual sensory organs.  Also called “remote sensory perception”, “extra sensory perception”, “remote resonance” and even in some cases “holy sensory perception”, remote viewing is the fusion of our inborn ability to resonate with a “location” or “target” or even a “concept” coupled with a practiced skill to disseminate data from imagination, stay focused on the task at hand and stay within proven protocols within one methodology. It is possible to learn to virtually see, hear, smell, taste and feel something miles away using only your current God given sensory system, attention management, pen and paper.  Although the process begins with extremely basic perceptions of color and texture, as the remote viewer progresses more deeply into the session even abstract concepts and specific sounds, up to and including vocalized words, can be reliably gathered by more experienced remote viewer in the advanced stages of a session.

No previous experience or skills are necessary.  You need not be an artist or consider yourself psychic.

To learn more about remote viewing contact me through the email form at about.me and feel free to ask me any questions you may have, including how to get started.  I do provided some free training and assistance for those who are motivated.  You may also do a search on remote viewing in the search bar on this blog.

Predator Weapons for All Jedi Warrior Monks (and the Average Human)

Posted in Martial Arts, Movies, Survival by farmerjaneusa on June 29, 2010

lyn cassady first earth battalion new earth army predator the  men who stare at goats

Lyn Cassady’s dream…  I wonder if he can hide all of them on his person?

Predator and More! The Defender Non-lethal Weapons Available for All Your Self-defense Needs

Predators available at http://www.pdws.biz/

First Earth Battalion Screen Saver

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This is the first official screen saver from First Earth Battalion – Project Jedi portrayed as New Earth Army in the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats” starring George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey, and Jeff Bridges.  It is based on true events.  The movie was created around information in the documentary “Crazy Rulers of the World” and the book “The Men Who Stare at Goats” both by Jon Ronson.

Download Your Free Trial Copy Today!

First Earth Battalion Screen Saver

First Earth Battalion Screen Saver

Ed Dames’ First Remote Viewing Podcast Now Available

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RVProducts on YouTube has just released an exclusive podcast/webinar titled “Ed Dames’ Remote Viewing Podcast 01” with Major Ed Dames for new students and those interested in learning this world changing skill.

This video is not a visual presentation, as this was not needed by “Major Doom” to effectively express his thoughts. Basic information is provided visually and Ed Dames speaks throughout. Beginner’s tips and introduction to Analytical Overlay are presented. As usual, Ed Dames is succinct and precise in his explanations.

According to Ed Dames, Remote Viewing is an attention management skill. It is not imagination. The job of the Remote Viewer is to record the facts associated with the target that solves the problem that has been posed. There is no creative license or analysis of data while in session.

He also mentions the difference between a psychic and a Remote Viewer. A Remote Viewer is trained to recognize when their imagination is starting to overlay and interfere with the information related to a target and manage the occurrence.

The world’s foremost Remote Viewing teacher, Major Ed Dames, United States Army (ret.), is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype Remote Viewing training program. He served as both training and operations officer for the U.S. government’s Top Secret psychic espionage unit.

Remote Viewing Cases from the World’s Premier Psychic Spy by Major Ed Dames

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Wiley to Publish Revealing Memoir By Major Ed Dames

Thursday, 05 November 2009

For Immediate Release: Wiley to Publish Revealing Memoir
By Major Ed Dames

Media Contact:

Mike Onorato / Wiley




Wiley will publish the memoir MATRIX INTELLIGENCE: Remote Viewing Cases from the World’s Premier Psychic Spy by Major Ed Dames in November 2010. A decorated military intelligence officer and former member of the controversial NSA-ARMY-sponsored Psychic Espionage Unit, Dames is the country’s foremost proponent of the psychic practice known as “remote viewing” — an intelligence gathering technique whose practitioners can see events from a distance anywhere in time and space.

MATRIX INTELLIGENCE will take readers behind the scenes of Dames’ most fascinating and offbeat cases applying his unique detective skills to the most baffling military Black Ops in modern times, as well as tackling mysteries so unusual and gruesome, they could be ripped from the darkest recesses of our imaginations. MATRIX INTELLIGENCE will also explore the often traumatic past that helped shape his life, a life that led a self-described wild child from the backwoods of New Jersey into the company of presidents, princes and movie stars.


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