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CleanWear Aims for Positive Impact with “Put on a Clean Shirt” Message

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The story behind CleanWear is not an unfamiliar one when it comes to parents not only trying to cope with a child’s struggle with drug abuse, but provide guidance and a hopeful message with meaning and substance.

According to the founders of this homegrown business:

CleanWear came to be in the fall of 2009 when our family envisioned a way for our oldest son, Josh, to have a second chance at success after many years of substance abuse problems that led him down a dark road.

The CleanWear mission is as striking as their clothing line. A portion of their revenue from clothing and fashion accessories goes toward personal growth programs such as addiction and education. They are committed to hiring people who need a second chance. Presumably not wanting to take a narrow approach, they strive to keep manufacturing of their products within American borders whenever possible. This start up also made a decision to be an active member on Twitter and Facebook.

"Put on a Clean Shirt" Campaign

It’s not just a shirt, it’s about hope and empowerment. When communities pull together, have a solid plan, and lift others up, we are surely all better off.

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Trend Rises with Fascination of Ancient Dinosaur Poop (Coprolite)

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I’ve recently become aware that fossilized dinosaur poop exists. Scientists have a much nicer name for it – Coprolite.

There are two basic kinds of dinosaur dung – herbivore and carnivore. Conditions must be right for the preservation of this delicate substance, and therefore the chances of finding deposits are more rare than tougher bones.

$11,290 Designer Watch by Yvan Arpa Made with Coprolite

In digging around the internet I’ve discovered that coprolite has a certain irresistible draw to it. Watch makers design watches with dinosaur feces faces, thieves steel chunks of it from museums, auction houses are able to make over $900 on a 3 inch piece and people sell humongous 91 inch circumference turds for $45,000 on Craigslist.

There is much to be gleaned from coprolite as it’s composition reveals the eating habits of ancient beasts that roamed the earth. There are many shapes and sizes to consider, and paleontologists debate over which creature deposited the many different types of dung.

Coprolite is often mistaken for odd shape rocks, but there are tell tale signs to let you know what you have on your hands. Chunky coprolite comes from carnivores. Certain shapes may be reminiscent of what might come out of an elephant or fido. The bottoms often have holes from insects that burrowed in for a meal. The best way to find out if you have coprolite is to study photographs of good specimens or to visit local natural history museums to make comparisons.

$45,000 Dinosaur Poop for sale on Craigslist

Recently there has been a trend with interior decorators, high end jewelry designers and even countertop makers to celebrate fossils as works of natural art. Smaller pieces of dino dung with interesting markings are cut and polished as was the case of the watch created by Yvan Arpa. Fossils and more recently coprolite is gaining in popularity as natural sculptural accents and conversation pieces. Natural tones are sometimes surprisingly mixed with bright oranges and reds when coprolite is cracked, revealing it’s story.

I look forward to the many discoveries in the world of ancient poo. The study of coprolite is a relatively new study in the world of paleontology and related natural science fields.

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