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Predator Weapons for All Jedi Warrior Monks (and the Average Human)

Posted in Martial Arts, Movies, Survival by farmerjaneusa on June 29, 2010

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Lyn Cassady’s dream…  I wonder if he can hide all of them on his person?

Predator and More! The Defender Non-lethal Weapons Available for All Your Self-defense Needs

Predators available at http://www.pdws.biz/

The Gentleman on the Beam (via A bit of wisdom)

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This short entertaining parable has many lessons.

The Gentleman on the Beam Image via Wikipedia In the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD), there lived a man called Chen Shi, who had been the head of a county. He was admired and respected by people for his fine morality and good reputation. He was ready to be promoted, instead he retired for some political reasons and lived in his hometown since then. One year, turmoil and war took place because of a terrible famine. Robberies and thieves were rampant in that area. One night … Read More

via A bit of wisdom

Solar Roadways: The Prototype

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Sarcasm Abounds – Father Darth Emerges on Twitter, William Shatner Portrays Dad of Justin Halpern on CBS $#*! My Dad Says

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I’m not sure if this is the same guy from @shitmydadsays. The humor is similar but decidedly much darker. True to the role of Darth as a suburban dad? You decide, I’m not so sure.  Still — a creative use of  Twitter. This tweeter consistently mentions current events, through a dark lens of course.

If you don’t know about @shitmydadsays, it’s a Twitter account managed by Justin Halpern, a guy who has this to say in his bio: “ I’m 29. I live with my 74-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says”.  On August 25, 2009 Harry Kimball at Newser.com reported that the account had only be in existence for 3 weeks and already there were almost 70,000 followers.  These days Justin’s account has 1,368,782 Followers and is on 34,886 Lists on Twitter.

On March 4, 2010, Less than a year after the Twitterverse was blessed with the reality driven wisdom of Dr. Halpern via his grateful son, HarperCollins released the hardcover book “Sh*t My Dad Says”.
Audible.com has also released the unabridged audio book narrated by Sean Schemmel.
Justin Halpern is the founding editor of the comedy website HolyTaco.com and  a senior editor at Maxim.com.  He is co-writing and co-producing a sitcom adaptation of his book on CBS for their new season.
Read more and watch the CBS preview at WAYD?


The Nexus of the Universe

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One of my favorite scenes from Seinfeld.

This is from “The Maid”, episode 175 , the 19th of Season 9.


Hey, I’m on first and first.

How can the same street intersect with itself?

I must be at the nexus of the universe!

If you’d like to find more funny quotes

from your favorite Seinfeld episodes, check out this website

dedicated to Seinfeld Scripts.

Be Victorious! Jai Ho!

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“Jai Ho” (Hindi: जय हो) (English: Be victorious)

Making the Choice as a Novice to Buy a High End Digital Camera

Posted in Art, Photography, Social Media by farmerjaneusa on June 6, 2010

There’s nothing wrong with the word novice. It simply means beginner. All of us are a novice any time we decide to learn something new.

In this day of recording every thought, image and action that passes us by, it’s becoming increasingly harder to slip through the cracks as the person that passes off the camera to someone else. Also fading are the days when it is really worth it to pick up a one-time use camera.

I know there are those out there who are starting to understand… you just can’t continue to blame your bad shots on the $7 convenience you picked up at the drug store. I’m here to tell you – overcompensating with a $700 contraption you don’t know how to use isn’t going to help, even if you put it on full auto. Your friends and family are just going to expect magazine art out of you and start asking for favors like creating their lasting wedding memories.

Perhaps you’ve been surviving on the cell phone camera for awhile now, and you’re afraid to make the commitment to a stand alone digital. Understandable. You might vaguely remember what an F-stop is from some class you took in high school. You’re pretty sure Nikon isn’t a dress shoe, but you don’t know what an SLR is.

Still think you need that advanced camera with all the bells and whistles? There is a happy medium.

Read more at WAYD?

Schedule Posterous Posts With SocialOomph

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SocialOomph, previously known as TweetLater, is a productivity tool that I use on a regular basis.  It allows me to save and control my tweets with ease.  Since I started using it there have been many useful tools added, including the ability to schedule blog posts for WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger as well as any blogging platform that supports APIs for Atom Post, metaWeblog and Moveable Type.

SocialOomph has also recently implemented a free default URL shortener (dld.bz) and allows all users to review statistics.  One less step in the process of tweeting.

Some features at SocialOomph are for Professional users, but if you are serious about your social networks or a professional blogger it is well worth being able to organize and distribute postings, RSS feeds and status messages in one place.

Since I’ve registered with Twitter there have been many related websites I’ve taken for a spin.

Read more at WAYD?

Taking Time Out for Gratitude

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What’s gonna set you free…
look inside and you’ll see…

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Understanding Brain Function Through Song

Posted in Psychology, Uncategorized by farmerjaneusa on June 2, 2010

A new study of songbirds by Professor David Clayton at the University of Illinois might change the way we think about memory formation and speech development in the human brain.

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