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New Widget Available – JPD1 Droid on Your Blogs and Web Pages!

Posted in Applications, Humor, Psychology, Science, Social Media by farmerjaneusa on January 28, 2011
You can put JPD1 on your blogs & web pages!
New widget now available!
This is an absolutely free service for fans of Project Jedi.
Talk to the chat bot to help him learn, ask him to complete math problems or sing to you.  He’s very talented, but still has a great deal to learn about human interactions. You can even tell him what kind of topics you would like him to have more knowledge about.
Visit ProjectJeDi.net to test out JPD1 and grab the code.

Project Jedi Remote Viewing DVD Course: Complete Chapter Preview

Posted in Uncategorized by farmerjaneusa on January 19, 2011

Review an entire chapter from the Project Jedi Remote Viewing Instructional DVD Set.


1. You must be signed up and logged into the Project Jedi website to view the article.  The article will not be visible unless you are logged in.

2. You must be signed up and logged into your YouTube account to view the video.

3. While logged into ProjectJedi.net, you will be able to view the article containing the private link to a video on YouTube which contains an entire chapter from the Project Jedi Remote Viewing Training DVD Set. We had to choose one of the shortest chapters as Youtube has a 10 minute limit on uploads.

4. Click on the link that will direct you to a private video on YouTube.  You must be logged into your YouTube account to view.

5.  Don’t wait! There are only 50 invitations available. Once this link has been clicked on by 50 different people, no one else will be able to view this video.

Hide a File in a Photo

Posted in Photography, Remote Viewing, Survival by farmerjaneusa on January 18, 2011

At one point or another you may require security for your documents. Perhaps you have been put in charge of safely delivering documents & photos or perhaps you would simply like to keep personal family photos or financial information safely in reach of the proper authorities.


Many remote viewing missions are of a confidential nature. You may be tracking a terrorist, a kidnapped child, or have other information you do not wish to get into the wrong hands.  Remote viewing instructors also face this challenge.  An envelope is needed to conceal the assignment for the RV student which can not be opened until they hand in their assignment.


Encrypted files on your hard drive or Internet storage location are easy to locate/recognize because they often are locked with passwords and usually contain obvious file extensions used by popular retail compression and encryption/decryption software.

The best tactic known is to hide in plain sight. What if you could hide all your encrypted documents and photos inside a image file like a photo? Guess what? You can and it’s FREE and easy for anyone to do!



REMOTE VIEWING: 10 Digit Random Number Generator

Posted in Paranormal, Remote Viewing, Survival by farmerjaneusa on January 13, 2011
Notice to the right of the home page on Project Jedi there is now have a 10 digit random number generator.   Remote viewing sessions usually require a unique reference number, with this generator it is an instant task.
Each time you come to the home page, it will generate a new one. Every person that visits the front page will see a different set of numbers. The odds in getting a duplicate number are about 3 in 10 Billion! You can also click the “CLICK FOR NEW CRN” link to generate a new one.
UPDATE: You can also use the generator at StargateCollege.com


Posted in Coast to Coast AM, Colorado, commerce, Environment, Paranormal, Radio, Science, Survival, Travel, UFOs by farmerjaneusa on January 12, 2011

Is it true? We shall see.  He’ll be needing lots of volunteers!

The latest from the UFO Phil website:

For Immediate Release

January 11, 2011

Colorado Springs, CO — A man who has gained notoriety by appearing on national radio shows like Coast to Coast AM with George Noory now says he wants to build a mountaintop version of Giza’s Great Pyramid. Phil Hill –better known as UFO Phil –claims ancient Egyptian pyramids actually served as massive stone “power stations”. Hill also says these monolithic generators were originally designed and built by alien beings.UFO Phil plans to build a pyramid in Colorado Springs

On his website at http://www.ufophil.com and in a video posted on YouTube, Hill claims to be in possession of “secret blueprints and schematics” crafted centuries ago by humanoids from another galaxy. The blueprints allegedly reveal the formula for using an Egyptian pyramid to generate hydrogen gas, which can then be used to “power ships, vehicles and everything”.

In a 2010 interview on the popular nightly radio show Coast to Coast AM, Phil explained his plan to generate energy from atop Pikes Peak in Colorado. He also expressed his desire to “beam that energy to the entire world” free of charge. In January 2011, months after the original interview, UFO Phil revealed the power plant will generate hydrogen gas from a full-sized stone pyramid in the Rocky Mountains.

Hill has not given a firm timetable for the completion of his Pyramid. He says, “I’ve started on the foundation. But, I am waiting for the city to approve my permits.” Hill also admits the mayor of nearby Colorado Springs won’t return his phone calls.

UFO Phil is a published composer, documentary filmmaker and self-proclaimed “man of science”. For more information, visit the official website at http://www.ufophil.com.

UFO Phil can be reached at (719) 359-5836 or by email at ufophil@ufophil.com.

Stage 2 of the Site: Project Jedi Remote Viewing DVD Set Sample Video

Posted in Remote Viewing by farmerjaneusa on January 11, 2011

Check out the latest sample video from ProjectJeDi.net.  This is an excerpt from Chapter 14, which explains and demonstrates Stage 2 of the Site.

Visit ProjectJeDi.net for more sample videos, original articles about remote viewing and to purchase the DVD set.

No experience is necessary.  There is no need for you to consider yourself a psychic.  Remote viewing is a trainable attention management skill.  After you are trained you only need pen and paper to remote view anything, anywhere, in the past, present or future!

Sneak Peak! Project JeDi Remote Viewing DVDs Chapter 7

Posted in Paranormal, Remote Viewing, Survival by farmerjaneusa on January 5, 2011

As promised, here is the first sample video from the Remote Viewing DVD set.

More to come soon.

Perception based remote viewing, being more intense than automatic RV forms,

requires a cool down period.

This sample video covers the “cool down” designed to help prepare you for a session.

Visit ProjectJeDi.net to watch the video and learn more about remote viewing.



Posted in Uncategorized by farmerjaneusa on January 1, 2011
A great New Year’s Resolution – Learn Remote Viewing!
First Earth Battalion Project Jedi Remote Viewing DVD Instructional Course

This instructional course is for absolute beginners and experienced remote viewers as well.  You will learn step by step how to perform a remote viewing session, health secrets for better performance, as well as advance tips and practical applications that will help you utilize this extremely powerful tool and make it a part of your everyday life.

Remote viewing isn’t just for fun.  It takes hard work and discipline.  Once you have learned how to successfully complete a session (the time spent perceiving and recording data) you’ll be able to remote view anything you ever wanted to know!

Just a few things you can discover after you’ve successfully completed this course:

  1. Your next best residence
  2. A safe direction to travel to arrive at your intended destination
  3. You next best vocation
  4. The location of a lost item
  5. The location of a missing person
  6. Treasure
  7. The truth of a historical event
  8. Information regarding a document

It is highly suggested you watch this entire course before beginning practice sessions.  You will need to follow along, complete exercises and answer questions in the provided workbook to get the most out of this training.  There are over 4 hours of material to learn.  It will take roughly a week if you commit an hour a day. Take as much time as you need, just thoroughly learn the material! When you are finished, it is time to remote view and join the free forum at ProjectJeDi.net for questions, additional practice assignments and assistance from the professionals as you develop your skill.

I’ll be there at the forums to assist, hope to see you there!

Order your copy today @ ProjectJeDi.net

First Earth Battalion Project Jedi Remote Viewing DVD Instructional CourseWhat is remote viewing:

Remote viewing is the ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target only using the natural function of the mind. It is a science which was developed and  used in the US military & national security programs for intelligence gathering. Primary use for remote viewing in the early days of development was strictly military and espionage use. Common tasks were locating hostages, submarines, troop movement and terrorist operation headquarters

Remote viewing is also sometimes referred to as structured clairvoyance, trained extra-sensory perception  (ESP) or sensing remote locations with the mind.

If you saw the movie called “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, you may remember that remote viewing was the primary talent of Lyn Cassady. Remote viewing is a fascinating subject, full of mysteries, so it’s no wonder Hollywood takes creative license on the topic. The actual process and training is of course much more complex than portrayed in the movies.

First Earth Battalion Project Jedi Remote Viewing DVD Instructional CourseThrough research, remote viewing has advanced in leaps and bounds since its early conception. It was discovered that we all have sensory circuits that mimic or help us interpret data from a remote target. If I were to describe a hot apple pie, with steam rising off it, you will probably remember what an apple pie is like. As you read this, memories may bring to mind the smell of hot cinnamon and tangy apples. This is your mind projecting the sensory data to your awareness. Just as you can see and smell and taste an apple pie that does not exist, just by remembering it, you can also remote view in a similar fashion.

Using the perception method of remote viewing, you can learn to virtually see, hear, smell, taste and feel something miles away using only your current God-given sensory system, attention management, pen and paper. If you have had rigorous remote viewing training previously, this will be an easy transition into advanced training.

No previous experience necessary.

ProjectJeDi.net has two versions available – A Gold Edition limited to 100 signed copies for $349 and a regular edition for $299 ($249 Pre-sale price is good until Tuesday).

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