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Who Am I?

From Ted Talks on YouTube: “Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened — as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding — she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another.”

This video starts out mild enough, but be prepared to be moved by the powerful emotion.  For those who have had a stroke, you may want to share this video with those who you feel “just don’t get it” when you have tried to explain to them what is happening to you.

You might be asking: What does having a stroke have to do with the question “Who Am I?”

A simple question, but if you have been searching you know there is no simplistic answer that can fit into one sentence.  Jill illustrates her experience, her unexpected jolt from her ordinary routine of daily life, in such a beautiful way that you cannot help but question your reality from yet another perspective.

It is my personal opinion that you are not learning about the world around you unless you are provoked into even more questions. Wisdom is found along the path, not in the destination.


A Bedtime Story: David Bowie “Glass Spider”

Posted in History, Music, Stories, Television by farmerjaneusa on February 2, 2011

I’d like to see this animated and performed by Maynard.

Songwriters: Jones, David Publishers: JONES MUSIC AMERICA


Up until one century ago there lived,
In the Zi Duang province of eastern country
A glass-like spider
Having devoured its prey it
would drape the skeletons
over its web
In weeks creating a macabre
Shrine of remains
Its web was also unique
in that it had many layers
Like floors in a building

At the top of this palace-like place,
assembled with
almost apparent
Care, were tiny,
shining objects,
One could almost call it an altar
When the breeze blew
thru this construction
It produced sounds of wailing,
Tiny wails, tiny cries

The baby spiders would get scared
and search frantically for their mother.
But the Glass Spider would have long gone,
having known that the babies
Would survive somehow
on their own.
Oh-The Glass Spider had blue eyes
almost like-a human’s.
They shed tears at the wintered
turn of the centuries.

Don’t you hear this wasted cry,
Life is over you
(Mummy come back ’cause the water’s all gone)
But you’ve seen who’s in heaven.
Is there anyone in hell
(Mummy come back ’cause it’s dark now)
Take care, take care.
(Mummy come back ’cause the water’s all gone)

Somewhere she glows divine.
Somewhere she wakes alone.
But you, you’ve promise
in your lovin’ eye.

God it’s dark now.

Jah Jah Jah Jah Jah
Jah Jah Jah Jah Jah

Gone, Gone the water’s all gone
Mummy come back
’cause the water’s all gone
Stay low on the ground,
fire can drive you,
savage and afraid
Spitting the dawn,
come come come along
before the animals awake
Run, run, we’ve been moving all night,
rivers to the left.
If your mother don’t love you
then the riverbed might
Gone, gone, the water’s all gone
Mummy come back
’cause the water’s all gone

Jah Jah Jah Jah Jah
Jah Jah Jah Jah Jah

Gone gone the water’s all gone
Mummy come back
’cause the water’s all gone





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