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16 Remote Viewing Practice Photo Targets

Posted in Art, Paranormal by farmerjaneusa on September 21, 2010


It is a good idea to do as many practice targets as you can while actively training.  You want these to be carefully selected photographs you can trust to not be altered beyond cropping.  Even if you’ve been remote viewing for years, running calibration sessions with similar practice photo targets is a necessity if you want to keep trusting your data on operational or personal targets.


.If you wish to re-target these photographs simply use the cue: Assignment [xxxx/xxxx] on a clean sheet of paper or plain index card.  Above the cue write a new TRN.  Re-targeting can help avoid frontloading, especially if you want to target the photograph in the future or hand it out as a blind session to several people.

IMPORTANT:  Before performing the assignments below, please friend me on Myspace, or contact me on about.me by clicking on the email button and provide me with a way to contact you and send you a digital photograph file for feedback.  This is the only way you will be able to receive feedback (view the photograph you remote viewed).




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