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In the Key of AI – Crunk Robot Songs

Posted in Music, Science, Uncategorized by farmerjaneusa on June 1, 2010

I stumbled upon a list of songs sung by robots while looking for something completely certainly not what I found.  Of course I became sidetracked.

Soundboard is a collection of ‘sounds’ on a categorized ‘board’ for personal or commercial use. Browse and enjoy or build your own. Protect your sounds or let others download them.

Some boards are public and you can add to them. I was pleased to see a Dave Chappelle Soundboard and would have been disappointed had there not been a Beavis and Butthead in the mix.

Soundboard should not be overlooked for its marketing potential. Soundboard.com currently receives around 3,000,000 views per month.

Soundboard.com is the Internet’s largest catalog of audio soundbites and categorized soundboards – from history to sound effects, movies to games.  According to their FAQ, their website is indexed daily so choose your tags carefully.

Take a look around, embed a board into your blog or website or just use it to share clips with friends.



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