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Meet “JPD1″ Jedi Protocol Droid One

Posted in Applications, Psychology, Science, Uncategorized by farmerjaneusa on May 30, 2010

What fun things can JPD1 do?

  • Play 20 questions
  • A load of “yo mamma” type jokes
  • How Many” ask questions like “how many legs do 3 ducks have”
  • Say MATHS FACT to display random maths trivia.
  • An anagram game. Guess the jumbled words. Say WORDPLAY to start the game.
  • The bot knows what currency is used in what country.
  • JPD1 can tell which season it is both north and south of the equator.

Many features can be programmed in later and will be discussed at a later date. For now it has some basic knowledge, and lets you assist in its learning process.
How can you help teach JPD1? You can help teach JPD1  just by talking to it. The more you talk to JPD1,  the more it learns.
Features to be added later will include voice communications and appliance interaction.

To learn more, CLICK HERE


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